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Armenian Dance – Barekamutiun Dance Studio

Armenian Dance. This dance is called Husher (memories). Performned by Barekamutiun Dance Studio at the GHS Auditorium in 2006.
© 2006 BAREKAMUTIUN DANCE STUDIO. All Rights Reserved

Duration : 0:5:9

[youtube OgKRQTB4T3o]

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18 Responses to “Armenian Dance – Barekamutiun Dance Studio”

  1. armiks Says:

    Youu Are Stars !!!
    Youu Are Stars !!!

  2. AshtaraktsiTxa Says:

    Good Job Girlz, you …
    Good Job Girlz, you keep the Armenian traditional dance outside borders of Armenia.
    You desire more than just apploads.

  3. munchkins625 Says:

    So beautiful…so …
    So beautiful…so graceful

  4. mzzcutie818 Says:

    yeahh the main …
    yeahh the main dancer kristine edbeyan is my aunt i love you shes the bestt

  5. amorichka17 Says:

    simply beautiful….
    simply beautiful….

  6. BarekamutiunDance Says:

    Los Angeles :)
    Los Angeles :)

  7. SVGoldylocks Says:

    Too much hand …
    Too much hand movements, it could of been better. Not a great Choreography, but the girls have great postures for an Armenian Dancing, so good job. ;)

  8. almaagaci Says:

    The music and dance …
    The music and dance are both very beautiful!

  9. dolmakiller Says:

    abrek akhtchikner …
    abrek akhtchikner lav eq baroum, baits chorégraphia chad siroun tchi.

  10. jigyarovhayaxchik Says:

    ha gnazelem es …
    ha gnazelem es hamergin teselem vochinch atkane lav cher bayz de vatel cher

  11. ArmoBroadwayLover17 Says:

    you guys are …
    you guys are amazing! you are such an inspiration to people. I definetly want to join a dance group like that or Sayat Nova in the future.
    Thanks =D

  12. lenaji Says:

    What beautiful …
    What beautiful costumes! Keep up the good work!

  13. rrange Says:

    shes a very nice …
    shes a very nice dancer and even a better teacher who teaches her students

  14. sonaani Says:

    u guys r such good …
    u guys r such good dancers!!!

  15. armclsf07 Says:

    The dance teacher …
    The dance teacher is Lusine Gevorgyan…. its not the one in Armenia… Its in Los Angeles.

  16. keutahiatsi Says:

    Gadarelabes hoiagab …
    Gadarelabes hoiagab. Abrik baroghner u ghegavar varbed Norair Mehrabian. Shnorhavorum em tzer iergrort dasnameagi artiv.

  17. dallybytes Says:

    nunca vi un baile …
    nunca vi un baile tan hermoso, todavia estoy emosionada, es increible, felicitaciones

  18. stephieroth Says:

    Abrise achigas!
    Abrise achigas!

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